The album release - via QR codes!
Burning Shapes custom QR code

So, as our first single Drop starts popping up on podcasts and radio shows we’re pleased to reveal some further details on the album release. Planned for October this year (when it will be available at all the usual spots), we’ve got a cool twist; over the next four months we’ll be releasing the whole thing, free of charge, via QR codes.

QR codes are the little square pixelated barcodes you may have seen in press ads and on gig tickets; install a free QR code reader on your smartphone and you can scan them and get taken to a webpage. Scan the QR codes appearing at our gigs, on posters, in photos and on Facebook and we’ll send you tracks from the album, artwork and numerous video and audio bonuses.

There’s no catch! We love our supporters so we thought we’d give you something to say thanks; keep a look out for the codes!

Drop Music Video - Share it, embed it, enjoy it!

Friendly Tribe and Coffee Artists presents a Coffee Films Production starring Burning Shapes

"DROP" - Watch the video

A film by Steve Piper for

With thanks to Martin and Sue at Maidstone Model Engineering Society, Cheryl, Pickle and Twiglet, Gelli, Kat, Ed and Tony Phillips

Filmed entirely on location in London, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Folkestone and Snodland. No animals were harmed and only free range eggs were used in the making of this film

©2011 Coffee Films; feel free to share!

Drop the single from the British indie rock band out 25th July 2011 at all digital outlets.

Drop is an epic mass of driving indie rock guitars and drums peppered with soaring harmonies that firmly plants Burning Shapes on the British indie rock map.

The equally epic and lo-fi music video produced by award winning British independent film production company Coffee Films was shot across the south east over five days in spring and pulls together miniature trains, chickens, oversleeping, kitchenware shopping, Home Counties Kent, London's top sightseeing destinations and the Tube into the greatest egg and spoon race the world ever saw in a music video by Burning Shapes... 

New single Silence Amplified released today
Silence Amplified single artwork

We are very please to announce our second single 'Silence Amplified' is released today '24th October 2011' on the Friendly Tribe label and is available through all major digital retailers now including: iTunes - Amazon MP3 - The single was featured 2 weeks in a row on the BBC Kent Introducing radio show this month and has been gathering momentum on the podcast airwaves over the past week too. Please download it now and tell everyone you know to do the same! You may also be pleased to hear that the team behind the 'Drop' music video have once again been beavering away to bring you a second video instalment to accompany the new single. This time wrestling with modern day gadgetry over a 6 day shoot that utilited a Flip camera, iPad tablet and smartphone in a three course smorgasboard of technology used in a suprisingly low-fi way. The full video will be airing soon but you can check out a little video teaser from today on our YouTube channel

Latest BBC Introducing, KMFM & Podcast airplay
BBC Introducing badge

Our local BBC Introducing team on radio Kent have been supporting our latest single release 'Silence Amplified' by playing the track 2 weeks in a row on thier show that showcases new music by undiscovered bands. The guys at Kent Introducing have now played all 3 songs we've sent them via the Introducing uploader (the previous being Lonely Fishes and Drop) so a big thanks to them for their continued support and exposure.

Also a big thanks to Adam Dowilng at KMFM who was the first to play the latest single on his Lazy Sunday Afternoon show and invited Toby and Dave in to do an interview and live acoustic performance of Bad Karma (you'll be hearing more of that track later?!?).

Lastly we must mention the fantastic response we've had from the podcasting world to our single releases with Drop getting a huge amount of support and Silence Amplified now gathering momentum with plays racking up on podcast shows across the world every day.

So really just want to say a huge thanks to everyone out there who is playing our stuff and spreading the word. We really appreciate it!

Podcasters continue to show support
Silence Amplified Music Video now live
Silence Amplified Music Video poster

Silence Amplified, the new music video from British indie rock band Burning Shapes, telling the story of one guys inability to tell his girlfriend he loves her, and the dark place it takes their relationship.

Shot on a Flip camera with backup from a Samsung Omnia 7 and iPhone 4, with liberal appearances by an iPad and iPhone 4, the video continues Burning Shapes' tech interests, and don't miss the QR code in the credits!

Created by Steve Piper at Coffee Films and Toby Uffindell-Phillips at Friendly Tribe, featuring Bonnie Tompson and with huge thanks to B, Amelie, Zoe, Chris, Matt and Ed for making it all possible.

Shot entirely on location at Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Southend, Silence Amplified is out now at all good MP3 stores.

©2011 Coffee Films the British independent film production company; feel free to share this music video! Interviews with Toby


A couple of months back a new US based site had a chat with Toby about all sorts of Burning Shapes and music related topics over skype and have now finished releasing these interviews as a series of 4 video aided clips on YouTube. Check them out via the links below.

In Part 1, Toby talked about the origins of the band, their sound, and some influences.

In Part 2, Toby tells us about his school days, how he started taking an interest in music, and his process for writing a song.

In Part 3, Toby tells all about the music video for “Drop”, traveling, his Canadian roots, and juggling.  Then we go a little deeper and find out Toby’s personal preferences, and his personal music collection.

In Part 4, (the last installment) Toby talks about what he would be doing if he weren’t a musician, the state of music in both the U.S. and the U.K., the producers of the new album, and the new video for Silence Amplified.

Top of the Podcast charts!

A quickie concerning all the podcast and internet radio support our latest single Silence Amplified has received. According to Music Ally who track podcast airplay worldwide 'Silence Amplified' just hit the number 1 spot in the charts as the most played indie rock song over the last month. A huge thanks to all those podcasters and if you'd like to listen to any of the shows visit our Facebook wall where we've been listing as many as we can.

Double A-side single pre-order with a twist!
Silence Amplified / Someone Else's Words Artwork

Double A-side single pre-order with a twist!
Due to the fantastic response we got to the Silence Amplified single and video at the end of last year we have decided to give it another bite at the cherry and release it once more, this time alongside new ballad Someone Else's Words. The double a-side single will be officially released on 19th March but will be available from certain digital retailers from 5th. BUT... here's a sneaky inside scoop - you can pre-order the single from our official online store now and you'll get an IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD of Someone Else's Words (Silence Amplified will follow when the single is officially released). Also you get to PAY WHAT YOU LIKE. Click here to pre-order the new single at a price you choose and get one of the double a-side tracks straight away.

For those in the South East of the UK we are also playing a special show (details of which are below) to celebrate the release of the new single and kick off the year with a bang. We'll be headlining the Local & Live Sessions on Saturday 25th February - a seated gig at the beautiful Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells with support from some great bands and some interesting surprises in store for those who attend. Tickets are only available in advance so visit the Trinity box office now to book your seat!

Album Announcement
Burning Shapes 'These Things Happen' album artwork preview

It has been a long time coming we know but we are finally ready to reveal the artwork, tracklist and title of our debut album 'These Things Happen'.  

1. Bad Karma 
2. Silence Amplified
3. Time Bomb
4. Someone Else's Words
5. No Surrender
6. Lucky Few
7. Lonely Fishes
8. Devil's Engine
9. Deaf Ears
10. Drop
11. Finish Line  

Although we don't yet have an exact release date for the record we can say it will be available as a digital download this summer and attendees of our recent Trinity show will already be aware that a limited number of earlybird CD's are now being made available to fans attending special shows in the run up to the release. So if you want to get yourself a cheeky early copy make sure you pop along to one of our upcoming shows to bag one.  

And what about all you QR enthusiasts out there who have been diligently scanning our codes to collect the QR Special Edition version of the album? Well if you want to get the album for free keep on scanning, because as well as getting access to bonus material before anybody else anyone who collects the full 11 tracks from the album by scanning our codes will be sent a CD copy of the album for free.


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